Dielectric & Magnetic Nanoparticles with EM field

by saddevilblues
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Sep2-13, 09:47 AM
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Hi all,

These are few preliminary questions, if someone could help me with:

1. What are the impacts of EM field on Aluminium Ferrite nanoparticles (carry both dielectric & magnetic features), compare to EM field applied on Aluminium oxide (pure dielectric)?

2. If solenoid is used to generate magnetic field; what is it use to generate EM waves?

3. Does the same 'function generator' could be used for both EM & magnetic field, to record their impacts on a material?

4. Does an antenna necessary to embed near the material to generate the amplified waves?

5. How to calculate the distance between the EM/Magnetic field generator to the material to produce a low frequency waves, say 10^2 - 10^7 Hz?

6. What is a way to measure the frequency reflected back from the material?

Your responses would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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