User rights and MSVS 2012

by inotyce
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Sep18-13, 03:06 AM
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I am on a client machine but I have admin rights to check and uncheck any applications that need to be run as an administrator. Now I open VS2012 devenv.exe properties page and choose Compatibility tab and check Run This Program As An Administrator. So everytime I run the program, it runs in administrative mode.

Then I turn off my current administrator rights from the server machine. I can not run the program anymore as it always asks for username and password. I would like to know how can I uncheck what I have checked ? Because the Compatibility tab has disabled my checkbox "Run This Program As An Administrator".
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Sep25-13, 03:08 PM
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Quote Quote by inotyce View Post
Then I turn off my current administrator rights from the server machine.
I don't quite understand what this means. Exactly what operating systems are each machine running, and what happened on the server--precisely?

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