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Single Slit Diffraction

by MohammedRady97
Tags: diffraction, single, slit
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Mar19-14, 03:56 AM
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Even in a professional paper on the topic, it would be perfectly normal for there to be a (relatively) conversational description in the text to accompanying the "formal Maths." I wouldn't expect the discussion to describe everything contained within the maths, but at the least it should be useful and technically correct.

Here what I'm saying is that the conversational description doesn't seem to make sense and in fact may be misleading. Worse yet, the formal Maths don't seem to have been included in the course book.

I think it's useful to say, in ordinary language, that the diffraction effect becomes more pronounced with decreasing slit width d. If however I say the effect is most pronounced when d = λ, then I think that deserves some further explanation (or at least definition).
I would agree. In this case, More was Less, as it added confusion. Text book authors should always realise that many of their readers are coming to what is in the book for the first time. 'You and I' can look at statements and see them in the light of experience. A student, on his or her own, when presented with some 'helpful' embellishment can easily be thrown into panic.

Words need to be very carefully selected in a one way statement, whereas, in a conversation, the two parties can arrive at an understanding much more reliably. That's where PF comes in handy.

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