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Form Factor and Neutron Scattering

by rwilliams184
Tags: factor, form, neutron, scattering
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Mar20-14, 01:21 PM
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Hi all

Can someone please describe how the form factor used in Rutherford scattering is applicable to neutron probing of nuclei?

Also, is the kinetic energy required to probe a given radius simply given by the de Broglie wavelength where momentum, p >= h-bar / Radius ? (Relativity neglected)

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M Quack
Mar22-14, 03:41 AM
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For nuclear scattering for neutrons there is no form factor, because the nucleus is so tiny.

X-ray and magnetic neutron scattering probe the electrons which are quite extended. The form factor is basically the Fourier transform of the electron density around the nucleus. The FT of a delta distribution is constant, hence no form factor for nuclear scattering.

Kinetic energy is p^2/2m

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