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Cantilever beam with curved beam on the end.

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Mar29-14, 12:03 PM
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struggling to find info on this so figgured i'd as.

For two beams attached to each other, one a straight catilever and the second a 90 degree bent beam attached to the end of the cantilever (shown in attached picture). To calculate the deflection of the beam at the load applied, given the load applied is on the open face of the bend.

Would you concider each part seperatly?
so for the curved beam calculate the bending moment applied to that relative to the assumption that the straight part of the beam is fixed in position, then calculate its displacement.

Then apply the same bending moment to the canilever calculate its displacment.
To get the total displacement add the compenents of the cantilever and the bend together to get its final position?
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Mar29-14, 08:28 PM
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That would not give you the right answer because the straight portion of the cantilever also rotates at its tip causing an additional rotation and deflection of the curved portion.

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