Analyzing a Multi-storey multi-bay frame subjected to lateral load

by median27
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Jan5-14, 07:08 AM
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What is the best/easiest method I can use to get the deflections of a 5-storey, 3-bay frame subjected to lateral loads only? I've used the Elemental stiffness matrix for two-dimensional frame analysis (giving me a 60 x 60 matrix) but I'm getting the wrong deflection values. I think my procedure is erroneous because I've only referred to a single storey, single bay frame example in the book. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Jan5-14, 10:46 AM
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The method you used is OK, so you must have made a mistake somewhere.

The "easiest" way is use a finite element analysis computer program instead of setting setting up the stiffness matrix yourself - but if the objective is to learn how the FE method works, not to design a building, then you do need to work through the details yourself.
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Jan5-14, 01:14 PM
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median27: I am not sure what the "Elemental stiffness matrix for two-dimensional frame analysis" method is, unless it is just the finite element method. The best and easiest method is the finite element method. Are all of your connections moment connections? Are all of your applied loads nodal applied loads, not uniformly-distributed loads? Do you have a finite element analysis software program? Is this a school assignment, or test question?

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