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Differences Between Magnetic Field and Magnetic Wave?

by sawer
Tags: differences, field, magnetic, wave
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Mar29-14, 10:14 PM
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We do not need to bring QM and QFT into this! There is such a thing as classical electromagnetic field theory, as described by Maxwell's equations long before QM came along.
Mar30-14, 02:38 AM
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An analogy from back home on the farm:

"Field" = field of grain ... there is something growing everywhere in the field; some are taller, some are closer together. But they are all part of the field. Anywhere you go you can "measure" the field at that spot.

"Wave" = when the wind blows you see waves in the field - just like waves on the water. Always something is causing the waves.

For light there is a coupling of electric and magnetic waves (=electromagnetic); the fatm analogy doesn't help here.

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