Temperature differences to create a strong pull

by crays
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Mar10-13, 12:07 AM
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Dear physics forum, i'm currently working on a project and wondering what should the air temperature difference be to create a strong pulling force ? I'm working on creating a sustainable house, the concept is to have a enclosed glass roof with an opening that allows the sun to heat the air inside and as the contained air heats up, it will try to escape through the opening hence creating a pulling force, but my question is, is this even plausible? I tried it with a small model and a spotlight, doesn't seem to get any results tho. Need some opinion from you guys.
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Mar10-13, 12:11 AM
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I am unclear on what you mean, or want, by a strong pulling force?

Do you want something akin to air currents?
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Mar10-13, 01:25 AM
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So sorry that i did not clearly define my question, yes air current.

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