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Von mises and Tresca Yield criterion - theory of plasticity

by progiangbk
Tags: von mises tresca
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Apr7-12, 02:23 AM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Please help me with this homework, I have not understood much even I've tried to read many books about the 2 criterion. The reason maybe my teacher write english on blackboard but he explains in korean so i cant understand what is the condition of the tube in this homework :P

2. Relevant equations
In my opinion, this one is about 2 above criterion, I have to complete the part 2, please see the attached picture!
The second condition must be pure shear stress or something.
I have uploaded the picture and word file of this homwork, please see for more detail

3. The attempt at a solution
Best regards,
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