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ILivid Virus

by Medgirl314
Tags: ilivid, virus
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Dec16-13, 04:57 PM
P: 292
Notebook = laptop.
I do not like the word laptop because it implies that you can place the computer on your lap, which is like choking your computer as your lap covers the air vents on the back of the system.

Yeah, it's probably just the touchpad driver. I wouldn't worry about it.

If you don't know immediately what the file is then just google the filename
For example, the command column says:
c:\windows\ -----> Location
igfxtray.exe -----> filename

google igfxtray.exe and try to find out what it is.

Google results will generally tell you where it should be. Google search will tell you that this is an intel graphics application (the system tray icon) and all the links should say it's located at
but in our example its
This is one way spyware hides, uses a common good program's filename but in a different location than normal. So in this example, I would leave this one unchecked because its suspicious.

That sort of idea.
Dec20-13, 02:11 PM
P: 559
Sorry about the wait! Thanks for the tips. I'll have to individually search all the files as none of them look suspicious. xD Oh, well.

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