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Why are most sprinters African-American

by tinypositrons
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Jan29-14, 09:41 AM
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ehm, sir, with all due respect I don't think you realize just how little research is done on race in modern days. You'd be ousted from the scientific community due to political reasons.
Nonsense, race and ethnicity are perfectly common research topics. Where do you get the idea that trying to include race in research will result in some sort of pariahship? That sounds like the type of excuse racists give when consensus rejects their crackpot theories on race.

It isn't hard for you to check this out yourself. A simply search for papers containing "race" and "ethnicity" within the last ten years on pubmed alone brings up over 50,000 articles (more than one published every two hours)

You could argue that many of those papers are tangential to race (perhaps only including them as a breakdown) but even that would show that race considerations are prevalent.

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