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How do you calculate the theoretical packs per minute of a machine

by Mrlad1984
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Feb2-14, 03:24 PM
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I am wanting to calculate the theoretical packs per minute of a machine. The machine pushes packs into a indexing conveyor and is transported along the conveyor and is cross pushed on to an exit conveyor.

Each pack is 144 mm long and the machine indexes every 0.65s plus a 1.4 second dwell for a cross push on an exit conveyor.

The length of the conveyor is 1.4m.

What is the methodology of calculating the packs per minute?
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Feb3-14, 01:44 AM
Sci Advisor
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If it takes 0.65 sec to step one index and 1.4 sec to unload,
then the cycle time is 0.65 + 1.4 = 2.05 sec.
That gives 60 / 2.05 = 29.27 packs per minute.

But the answer will depend on your definition of index time.
To give a better answer we need a better description of the timing, overlap and probabilities of unloading.

Please give more details, and ask more questions if this has not answered your question.

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