Calcium Bromide (Anhydrous) Not Dissolving?

by guguma
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Oct8-13, 08:55 PM
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Hi All,

So, I am having trouble with a solution I am trying to prepare in the lab which baffles me and here it is:

--Water used is DI Millipore Grade Water--

I have Calcium Bromide (Anhydrous) %99.5 from Alfa-Aesar, CaBr(2) is supposed to be highly soluble about 125g/100ml at 0 Degrees Celsius. I am just trying to make a 0.1M solution approximately 20g/L, yet I cannot???

What I see is a suspension like solution of whitish particulates (and even a couple of thread like objects), no matter how much I stir/heat the solution.

Any Insights???

Thank You.
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Oct10-13, 09:39 PM
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Working on the basics here.

What is the received date on the CaBr2?

Is the power smooth or clumpy?

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