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Name of a geometrical shape

by xaratustra
Tags: geometrical, shape
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Nov26-13, 04:59 AM
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What is the geometrical shape called, when combining 3 ellipses together, such that each two share one focal point and together form a kind of 60 degree triangular shape?

It will look similar to Reuleaux triangle, but it is not formed out of a triangle, but 3 ellipses, as if you are gluing one ellipse to each side of a triangle.

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Nov26-13, 05:44 AM
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I think it is called a superellipse. I found a formula and an octave program on Wikipedia. The one I was looking for is the one with parameters "3 6 6 6", the table on the right side. The plot in octave also works by using the following command:
sf2d([3 6 6 6],[1 1])
anyway, thanks.

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