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Major Quake NOW M7.8, S of South America

by davenn
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Nov17-13, 04:01 AM
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HI gang :)

major quake occurring as I type this
a Mw 7.8, Scotia Sea, between South America and Antarctica

see my online seismo

here's a screenshot before the trace started overwriting the earlier recording.....
there is a quake at the top of the gram, this is the 6.8 from same region that occurred on Saturday 16th

This event is ~ 50-100 km east of a 6.1 and a 6.8 that have occurred in the same region over the last 4- 5 days

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131117   UT Mw 7.8 Scotia Sea zhi1.gif  
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Greg Bernhardt
Nov30-13, 09:09 PM
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I was around that area at the time and was told about it. Interesting area!

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