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Nitrates 0 0%
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Sulfates 0 0%
Chromates 1 8.33%
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Can you identify these minerals?

by z.js
Tags: identify, minerals
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Mar6-14, 01:09 AM
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Quote Quote by PhysicoRaj View Post
Then don't go to heat it.
I did... The black stuff that the mineral was stuck in seems to be tar. The black rock at the bottom didn't.
Mar6-14, 01:11 AM
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Quote Quote by Enigman View Post
Go raid a chem lab:
(I miss flame tests )
You know I can't do that!
I miss flame tests too!
Mar6-14, 01:32 AM
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Quote Quote by z.js View Post
The black rock at the bottom didn't.
You mean it didn't melt? If it were really a mineral, but I don't think it is a mineral very precious. You can do the flame test in your alcohol burner. But that would not give interesting results.
You have a wide (very much) range to match with what you have got. But I don't go for metals.
Mar11-14, 02:06 AM
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I was asking about the little things that looked like quartz, not the black stuff.
Greg Bernhardt
Mar11-14, 02:09 AM
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The minerals of a kidney stone can be quite beautiful!

Mar11-14, 02:19 AM
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One must be proud to have them inside!
Mar17-14, 01:38 AM
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P: 57
Is it inside??? I thought it looked like quartz-the little white crystals.
But yes, that picture does look nice! (how do you do it with a microscope I wonder?)
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