Help me, LM3915 VUmeter inconsistent result

by adlfurball
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Mar21-13, 07:50 AM
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Hello everyone! few days ago i've made myself a VUmeter using LM3915 (although some said LM3915 is not an actual VUmeter IC). There was a lot of trial an error going on but i got it working. I even filter it using a 47uF cap between the signal and ground, result is spectacular, i manage to filter out the noise and singing and it only response to the beats. It was all well until i've decided to rearrange the circuit to make it look nicer on my breadboard.

I forgot to take a picture so i just reconnect it again using the circuit given in the datasheet. Annnnnnnd, it did not work. i tried many times redoing, reconnecting the circuit, and it just did not work. One thing I've notice is that only the last LED would light up. Help please?
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