Laptop to Microcontroller through RS232-USB Converter

by Srini karthik
Tags: .net, converter, laptop, laptop display unit, microcontroller, pic 16f877a, rs232 usb-converter, rs232usb
Srini karthik
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Dec10-13, 02:04 AM
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im currently planning to use PIC 16F877A for implementing smart metering. since im also learnig .NET, i want to use laptop as my display unit. I also bought a RS232 USB-Converter. But,i don know how will the laptop recognize signal from MC and transmit data to microcontroller?? im just a beginner,please explain me the basics of such interfacing techniques?!
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Dec10-13, 06:24 AM
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Here's a good place to start. It honestly wasn't hard to Google that.

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