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Elementary particles pre-Higgs coupling

by jordankonisky
Tags: elementary particles, higgs field
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Sep18-13, 07:38 AM
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I must concede that in the Standard Model, the interactions of the Higgs particle and the elementary fermions provide additional constraints. The interactions:
(left quark) . (up Higgs) . (right up quark)
(left quark) . (down Higgs) . (right down quark)
(left lepton) . (up Higgs) . (right neutrino)
(left lepton) . (down Higgs) . (right electron)
where the up Higgs has U(1) strength yhu and the down Higgs has U(1) strength yhd.

For the up and down Higgs in the MSSM, anomaly cancellation gives yhu + yhd = 0. This constraint one also gets from the SM Higgs.

The EF-Higgs interactions give these constraints:
yq + yhu - yu = 0, yq + yhd - yd = 0, yl + yhu - yn = 0, yl + yhd - ye = 0

Plugging in my previous post's results, yhu = yqx = ylx, yhd = - yqx = - ylx
One gets from these yhu + yhd = 0

These values are the values that make electromagnetism non-chiral. Left-handed and right-handed EF's couple the same to the photon. Is this a coincidence? Or is there something deeper?

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