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Social stigma of choosing to be gay

by Jupiter60
Tags: choosing to be gay, social, stigma
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Nov26-13, 06:03 AM
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Agreed Pyth. Please stick to the original topic people, drifting into personal opinions (ex specially presented as fact) will result in a lock.
Simon Bridge
Nov26-13, 07:13 AM
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Quote Quote by Pythagorean View Post
Yes, I was pointing out that it has nothing to do with sexuality.
Thought so :)

It can be quite embarrassing to be around active religious evangelists, or anti-gay activists, when they get "set off" - it can be helpful to think of similies along these lines - our friends can embarrass us in all kinds of ways.

Mind you, I'd be hard pressed to come up with a peer-reviewed citation in support ;)

There's lots of subjectivity and opinion in science (there's journals named for it, even). What's annoying (and against forum policy) is when opinion gets passed as fact.
Too true ... there are plenty of other forums for unsupported opinion.
Nov26-13, 08:07 AM
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Referring to OP:

It shouldn't really matter if homosexuality is a choice or not. In the U.S., at least, it should be painfully obvious from our constitution that rights and fair treatment shouldn't be conditional on sexuality, regardless of whether it's a choice, social, genetic, etc. Maybe that's only my liberal interpretation, but as far as I can tell, all objections to homosexuality are religion-based and thus deserve no preference from congress. There's already an inherent conflict in the legal status of marriage if it shows preference for a particular religion and that should be resolved in honor of the 1st amendment, as per the establishment clause:
Simon Bridge
Nov26-13, 03:13 PM
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The constitution only limits government - not social attitudes. Which is the topic.
It could prevent a prevailing prejudice from having force of law ... in principle anyway.

Notice how many people are talking about the practice of homosexuality - it's social manifestations - rather than the fact of homosexuality itself? This is where the "sure, people are allowed to be gay - but please only be gay in private, where we don't have to look at it" comes from. So your sexuality may or may not be a choice but you sure choose how to act.

Ergo the choice or otherwise of the sexuality itself is not normally the issue anyway.

There have been similar attitudes concerning women, blacks, foreigners, poverty, physical deformity, etc, etc iirc.

Nice observation though ;)

Aside: The situation varies with country.
NZ does not have a constitution - but freedom of sexuality, and expression of, is explicitly covered in our bill of rights and the private expression is covered in the privacy act, which restricts everyone.
OTOH: Parliament has the right to make laws which ignore these documents.
Our BoR deals with the application of law rather than which laws can be made.

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