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How much load is going through the bolts

by Stickyman
Tags: bolts, load
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Dec29-13, 10:33 AM
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Stickyman: What did you mean by "SFL" in post 34?
Dec29-13, 05:46 PM
P: 20
Sorry mate, safe work load.

Safe Work Load.

What dimensions would be needed for us to find out what the structure could if "X" amount was dropped from 750mm in its current set up?

Also, what did think about the shock absorber in post 36?
Dec29-13, 06:42 PM
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P: 2,124
Stickyman: For one thing, if you could measure the static deflections described in post 18 (paragraphs 2 and 3) and post 30, for your current setup, that would be helpful.

Regarding the post 36 sling, my first impression was, it could be expensive, because it is not reusable. And, it seems it might be too short when contracted, and too long when extended, to be usable for the barbell sling (?). And the post 35 sling might be too elastic (?), but I am not sure.

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