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Lee/Kesler correlation

by Maylis
Tags: correlation, lee or kesler
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Mar3-14, 01:04 AM
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I have been doing Lee/Kesler correlations ad nauseum to compare with calculated values for residual enthalpy and entropy with the Redlich/Kwong equation. My enthalpy values have varied as much as 400 J/mol with the correlation compared to the equation (enthalpy's in the 2500 J/mol range).

My question is why do I care about these Lee/Kesler correlations if they aren't even that accurate (assuming Redlich/Kwong is accurate) or vice versa if Lee/Kesler is accurate.

Also, why are these equations so horrendous for calculating the residual enthalpy and entropy with RLK? There is so much number crunching for it.
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