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Please explain XX μm-selected galaxies

by Ikaros
Tags: μmselected, explain, galaxies
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Mar3-14, 04:12 AM
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Hi all,

I'm hoping a pretty simple question. When I read about researchers working on galaxy surveys, they often state they're working on "XX-band selected galaxies". For example, D.J.B. Smith et al. performed analysis on a large number of 250μm-selected galaxies at z < 0.5.

Is this as simple as it sounds - that they selected only galaxies that were detected with their 250μm instrument?

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Mar5-14, 04:09 PM
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Along the same lines, I've seen a few "mass selected galaxies" as well. So I'm assuming that the researcher has selected a pool of galaxies using wavelength (above example) or mass (this example) as the criteria.

Can anyone confirm?
Mar6-14, 07:52 AM
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come on guys
someone must know the answer to this!

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