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Ionization and Energy Loss

by tableshark
Tags: energy, ionization, loss
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Mar24-14, 06:51 PM
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So I was thinking what are the differences between ionization and radiation energy loss for particles through a material?

Its weird cause I see the similarities but not seeing the differences...A friend brought it up in class today lol
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Mar24-14, 07:14 PM
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what do you mean?
A particle moving through matter, most probably will be decelerated... because of that, if it's charged, it will radiate (bremsstrahlung radiation) and lose energy...
It can also ionize the matter's particles by colliding/scattering on them...

I guess it's the same radiation, since the deceleration happens because the charged particle collides/scatters onto the matter's particles...
Mar26-14, 10:23 AM
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For energy loss, there is also non-ionizing energy loss, namely displacements of atoms in the material.
Excitations of atoms are another mechanism of energy loss.

Bremsstrahlung is an example for a radiative energy loss without (direct) ionization.

Apr4-14, 03:03 AM
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Ionization and Energy Loss

Radiation get stopped by something that is a denser material thats why lead is commonly used to stop radiation because it is so dense.
Ionising radiation knocks electrons out of an atom meaning there are more protons making the atom an ion

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