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SERCOS Questions

by tomizzo
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Aug25-13, 02:19 PM
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I've recently began looking into the SERCOS interface and have a few questions. I would guess there are a few people are here with some experience with it.

Question 1: For communications between controllers and drives, does each product have to follow SERCOS standards so that IDNs are understood? I feel like this may have a fairly obvious answer of "yes", but it just seems a little different than what I've worked with in the past.

Say for example a drive is SERCOS certified, that would mean that drive would know to input certain information such as velocity status in a certain IDN for a controller to read?

Question 2: If I were to program a drive with certain parameters, would this be something completely separate from SERCOS? As in, SERCOS is just a way to read/write parameters of a drive but aren't necessarily required for programming a drives parameters?

Question 3: This question is regarding the initial set up of SERCOS communications. This image below shows the phases and includes a note for an ability to pause the initialization after phase 2 so that additional parameter IDNs can be sent for an application...

Why is this necessary? Why wouldn't someone just include parameter IDNs during initialization? This may be a specific question to G&L's PiCPro software. I simply don't know.

So any help?
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