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Physics of Natural Phenomena

by MManuel Abad
Tags: natural, phenomena, physics
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MManuel Abad
Sep13-13, 02:42 PM
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Hello, everybody:

I was wondering if you knew if there is a book, journal, webpage or a compendium of some sort in which different and diverse curious common and uncommon natural phenomena are explained with physics (preferably with math involved). For example, a place where to look if I'm interested in why glasses break with very high frequency sounds or if I want the physics explanation of why the sky is blue or of the curveball in baseball.

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Sep13-13, 03:06 PM
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There's an old book by Jearl Walker called the Flying Circus of Physics which now has a website:

that explains everyday things but without much math. I guess that would be left to the student.
Sep14-13, 03:20 AM
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How about Newton's Principia?

Doc Al
Sep14-13, 04:25 AM
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Physics of Natural Phenomena

You might like: How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Life by Louis Bloomfield.
MManuel Abad
Sep14-13, 11:04 AM
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Thanks a lot to everyone for your suggestions!!
Sep14-13, 07:13 PM
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Quote Quote by MManuel Abad View Post
Thanks a lot to everyone for your suggestions!!
dont forget to use the thank you button on each post that helped.

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