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What is energy?

by mrhoneycinnamo
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Aug2-14, 07:38 AM
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well yes it seems energy is a property of matter and property of fields as well (cause fields have energy too dont they?)

BUT what confuses me is that matters consists of particles (right?) and wikipedia says that QFT treats particles as excited states of an underlying field. So matter consists of some things that are excited states of some underlying fields. Excited states means elevation in the energy level at some level above the ground level...

So it seems to me that all what matter is elevation in the energy level of some fields. Do i miss something?

(Sorry if i sound ignorant i dont mean to, i know very little about QFT and i vent dwelve deep into Quantum Mechanics).
Aug2-14, 08:18 AM
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First, particles are excitations of the Fock space, whose eigenvalues are occupancy, not energy. The associated single-particle Hilbert spaces may or may not have quantized eigenvalues in an energy basis, but the Fock space itself certainly should not be assumed to have them.

Second, even if your comments were correct, energy still is not the only proper of matter.

Third, I think it is a bad idea to bring QFT into discussions outside of the QM forums since it generates replies like my first point here, which is probably not appropriate for the level of question being asked, but necessary in order to respond to your comments. Please, ask QM questions in the QM section and don't bring in complicated explanations when a simple one will do.

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