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Feb14-14, 05:46 AM
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Hello, i try to solve the exercise in Wess and bagger. chapter 7, exercise 8. (its on page 50)
I compute the transformation laws correctly(its on the book) and check the susy invariant for
pure yang-mills term. (terms relate with W and W )
However, during the calculating susy invariant for the rescaling (V →2gV) kinetic term, i got trouble.
what i want to check is
Φ + e 2gV Φ| = F∗ F − |D m A| ^2 − i ψ σ m ˜ D m ψ + i √ 2g(A ∗ T a ψλ a − λ a T a A ψ) + gD a T a A ∗ A
is invariant under susy transformation.

I know this term is invariant under susy, but my calculation mess up and couldn't get right answer.
Is there any one can show the details for this calculations? or give some calculation tips for this variations? I try to collect the D term and F term to make it vanish but still the other term survives...
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