liquid nitrogen: homemade

by imsmooth
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Dec25-13, 12:38 PM
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A while ago I had asked if anyone ever made liquid nitrogen from scratch without using a prepackaged cooling device (cryocooler). Well, I've done it. I'm working on a web tutorial and better video footage. For those who wish to make suggestions on what you would like to see I am submitting these links. I will try to accommodate requests since I am still working on it.

I can reach -320F in a little over an hour from ambient pressure. I still have to calculate my production rate.

Here is the tutorial which is still in development:

Here is one of the videos after a 1:15 hour run

I use a homemade PSA for my nitrogen source, which is limitless. The tutorial will give all the parts and sources for making the generator in your own garage.
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Dec27-13, 10:58 AM
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Nice job!

From the video, it looks like the LN2 was still cooling the dewar inner wall at the end. Once the dewar has cooled down and the LN2 stops boiling, your production rate might go up.

Thanks for posting.
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Jan8-14, 07:35 PM
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I have continued work on the website tutorial. I would like to solicit comments as this is a work in progress. If something is unclear so far, or you would like to see something added about the design please let me know. I will add video links soon.

So far I can cool down to -320F from 36F in 40 minutes. My last run produced about 300cc of LN2 in one hour.

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