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What kind of equipment to do food testing for Thai FDA?

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Nov12-13, 03:41 AM
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I want to do some pre-testing for food product experiments.

This is for food in jars that will be either pasteurized, pressure cooked or hot water bath.

What kind of microscope would be adequate to do that?

This is the tests they will do the to the product samples, the PPM and ration should be similar to US standards.

Here is the email they sent me as to what testing they will do:

Notification of the Ministry of Health No. 144 (2535 BC.)and 301(2549 BC.),3(1)

Testing Item : including
Coliform Bacteria , S.aureus , Salmonella spp.,Bensoic acid, Sorbic acid, Yeast&Mold, acid-resistant bacteria like growth at 30 and 55 C, Coliform Bacteria
Not sure what kind of equipment to test bensoic and sorbic acid? I already have a good pH meter.

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