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Fact V.s. Value

by RageSk8
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Mr. Robin Parsons
Apr16-03, 07:38 PM
P: 1,560
Qm is of itself allright, but it is not an answer to everything, hence mypress to admission of the 'ignorance' that remains, as it might just be solved in the light of that knowledge.

But that,full knowledge, by itself, does not constitute proof, as that is subjectively decided.

Einstein himself stated that this was an illusion, just a very persistant one, I agree with that, and know why (to the best of my knowledge) he said it, as it is the manner of operation of light, and hence matter, for that matter!

Life does seem like a dream, all in ones head, after all.

Have FUN!!
Apr18-03, 11:04 AM
zk4586's Avatar
P: 90
just wanted to kick this back up to the top for when Rage gets back to us.

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