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TIA lives in secret. Can you say Police State ?

by turbo
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Feb27-06, 01:51 PM
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Today's leading story:

The Total Information Awareness program (John Poindexter's project to gather all personal and public information about us in one huge database) was officially shut down two years ago. Unfortunately, the spy guys simply changed the name of the project and moved it to the NSA where it is beyond Congressional oversight.
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Feb27-06, 03:06 PM
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turbo, I locked your thread for not adhering to the new guidelines, which admittedly have not been posted yet, so don't feel bad about it. A link to an article and a summary, by itself, is not considered an adequate opening post. If you wish to discuss this topic, you must present an argument (for instance, US domestic security measures are going too far) and you can use the article as evidence to back your case.

I'd advise against smart-aleck comments like "Can you say 'Police State'?" in the title, too, as that is only going to invite a fight.

Remember, how a thread turns out is in large part a factor of the quality of the opening post. The onus is on you to invite even-handed, directed discussion.

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