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Why vBulletin ?

by STAii
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Apr16-03, 09:20 AM
STAii's Avatar
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I know that vBulletin is very cool (and made in PHP), but i also know it is not free !
So the other day i was browsing ... and came accross forums that look almost like the vBulletin ... but ... are FREE !
Check them out here :
And they look really great !

So .. are we making a conversion ?
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Greg Bernhardt
Apr16-03, 09:34 AM
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Other boards don't have even close to as many features as vB. Also the support is unmatched. I do like the way vB is coded and organized. forums used to be invision, but they just switched to vB.

Invision is also still in alpha and isn't a commercial product that can scale easily.

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