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Roger Penrose's book

by alias25
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Nov19-06, 09:44 PM
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Dr. Penrose has wonderful insights, but you have to understand the material at some level before you can understand his book.

You are not going to learn the math and physics from the "Road to Reality" unless you are some kind of genius. If you have completed complex analysis and tensors, you probably can struggle through it. Topology and Diff geometry would help too. In that sense it is a lot like Feynman's books. Learn your physics and math first and then go back and read them.
Dec1-06, 11:56 AM
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Quote Quote by Daverz View Post
The paperback is coming out in January. Wonder if that'll have corrections.
The homepage
says "Please note that the corrections page has been updated 26/09/06" and points to
which says "NEW CORRECTIONS (incorporated into new paperback editions from 2007)"

I will have to print out this page and staple it to my hard cover edition.
MadScientist 1000
Dec1-06, 07:55 PM
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Quote Quote by alias25 View Post
Not sure where to have posted this..
but has anyone read..."The road to reality: a complete guide to the laws of physics" by Roger Penrose. (massive book)
what are your views on it?
not sure whether I should carry on reading it, leave it for another day? (very big book) havn't even finished 1st chapter, but i did just buy it today.
I got other books to that look really interesting that I'm eager to get on to reading.
Too big for 13 year olds... I only got to the Pythogarous Theorum before it good too confusing.
Dec15-06, 02:49 PM
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Some solutions are finally up.
Algo Man
Mar4-08, 02:21 AM
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The Book by Dr. Roger Penrose who is greatest mathematician of our times who has more than 40-50 years of research in the field of mathematics and physics. He is the pioneer of Black Holes Mechanics, Twistor Theory and many such theories. I personally feel that the book Road To Reality by such a luminary is a boon to humanity. I know there are many who would think otherwise but this book is no child's play like Brief History of Time or even Elegant Universe but requires that reader should have a strong mathematical background ranging from calculus to topology to algebra to manifolds and based on that it deals with all of current as well as previous physics research. However everybody should be forewarned not to touch the work unless you are competent in mathematics or you will not understand a thing but if you can spare time then there is a jewel in each line and each page of this mammoth work. Regards K
Shaun Culver
Mar4-08, 11:26 AM
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If anybody is interested in discussing the exercises, I have set up a discussion board:

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