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Free Math Textbooks

by Mickey
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Jul30-06, 04:34 PM
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With the current price of a new algebra textbook approaching $110 and publishers bringing out a new edition every three to four years just to prevent students from selling their used books, we have decided to create a site where the textbooks are free. We wish to share our knowledge of mathematics with anyone who wants to learn new material, increase their current understanding, review previous topics, or just explore mathematics. We hope this will be a useful resource for families doing home schooling, people tutoring mathematics, schools that cannot afford to purchase up-to-date textbooks, and anyone else who can benefit from our materials.

We have posted one of our beginning algebra textbooks linked to student's solutions manual and instructor's resource manual. The instructor's resource manual includes tests, quizzes, syllabus, challenge problems and teaching tips. You will be able to view it on the web, or download the textbook and the solutions as complete sections. As time and resources allow, we will be adding 9 more free textbooks to this site, and the material will always be accessible to even the slowest of Internet connections.
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