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Squid- weight in newtons

by starfish794
Tags: newtons, squid, weight
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Sep24-06, 02:45 PM
P: 16
The heaviest invertebrate is the giant squid, which can have a weight of about 1.5 (imperial) tons spread out over its length of 64 feet. What is its weight in newtons?

I tried converting the tons to kilograms and multiplying by 9.8 but didn't get the right answer. Where should the 64 feet be used?
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Sep24-06, 03:13 PM
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How did you convert tons to kilograms? If you look online, an imperial ton is equivalent to 1016.04691 kg. So, you did have the right idea in going about the problem, but just use this number instead and it should work.
Sep24-06, 03:35 PM
P: 16
There must be something else. I tried your plan and got 14935.88 which i'm told is still wrong. Thanks anyway.

AO eye 5
Sep24-06, 03:56 PM
P: 21
Squid- weight in newtons

A newton is (kg*m)/s^2, so convert your length and see if your answer is correct.

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