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A new discrete model of quantum mechanics

by Wolfgang Köhler
Tags: discrete, mechanics, model, quantum
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Wolfgang Köhler
Nov4-06, 03:24 PM
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I present a new discrete model of quantum mechanics, in which particle
movement is described by a directed space-time graph with attached
4-spinors, but without any continuous wave functions.

These graphs only consist of few spacelike edges, for bounded states the
number is in the order of the quantum numbers and interactions only take
place at the nodes.

The fundament is an extremal principle for a ``LAGRANGian sum'', from
which both ``field-equations'' and ``equations of motion'' are derived,
so the states (including the grid points) are completely determined.

As important demonstrations of the theory, the DIRAC-equation for the
atom (spectra, SOMMERFELD-levels) is solved and the correct equations of
a moving particle under LORENTZ-force are derived.

I hope, that this new approach will help to overcome some problems of
quantum mechanics.

The complete paper can be found on my webpage

In case of problems reading this page, please let me know. Comments and
criticism are highly wellcome, of course.

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