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Clifford Algebra and Density Matrices

by CarlB
Tags: algebra, clifford, density, matrices
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Nov4-06, 03:35 PM
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I've started two new websites, and in order to promote understanding of these
two subjects, especially with respect to quantum mechanics.

If any readers have something they'd like to suggest or contribute,
please send me an email (carl aaaat brannenworks ddddot com), or reply
here. For example, I intend on setting up a page of links to websites
on these subjects and links are appreciated.

I'm particularly interested in how one can define spinors from density
matrices (rather than the other way around, as is usual), and thus
eliminate the U(1) gauge freedom from the elementary fermions. There
is a way of extending density matrices to more varieties of particles.
It was started by Julian Schwinger and is now somewhat obscure. To
promote this, I've also started a website, and if anybody has any suggestions or
contributions I'd appreciate it.

Carl Brannen

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