Pulley with two masses

by Touchme
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Nov9-06, 11:36 PM
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The pulley in Figure P8.59 has a moment of inertia of 6.0 kgm2 and a radius of 0.50 m. The cord supporting the masses m1 and m2 does not slip, and the axle is frictionless.

Find the acceleration of each mass when m1 = 2.9 kg and m2 = 5.3 kg.

Im not sure how to get started. What I did was r(T2 - T1) = (I)(a/r)
I got a = 1.6 but that is wrong
What am I doing wrong?

Nvm,, got the answer. thanks for lookin
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Jun15-07, 03:10 PM
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i have a question, how did u get the answer? I am really having trouble with that..if you don't mind? :) cuz' i tried a lot and i still dont have the answer...
Doc Al
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Jun15-07, 06:31 PM
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xbabiemuahzx: Show us what you've tried so far and where you are stuck.

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