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R t cahills theory of gravity

by wolram
Tags: cahills, gravity, theory
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Feb13-04, 12:02 PM
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arXiv:physics/0307003 v1 1 Jul 2003
Reginald T.Cahill
School of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences

Reginald T.Cahill
School of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, Australia
Process Physics URL: r/processphysics.html
-June 2003

The new information-theoretic Process Physics provides an explanation of space as aquantum foam system in which gravity is an inhomogeneous flow of the quantum foam into matter. The older Newtonian and General Relativity theories for gravity are analysed.
It is shown that Newtonian gravity may be written in the form of an in-flow.
General Relativityis also analysed as an in-flow, for those cases where it has been tested.
An analysis of various experimental data demonstrates that absolute motion relative to space has been observed by Michelson and Morley, Miller, Illingworth, Jaseja et al, Torr and Kolen, and by DeWitte. The Dayton Miller and Roland DeWitte data also reveal the in-flow of space into matter which manifests as gravity. The experimental data suggests that the in-flow is turbulent, which amounts to the observation of a gravitational wave phenomena. A new in-flow theory of gravity is proposed which passes all the tests that General Relativity was claimed to have passed, but as well the new theory suggests that the so-called spiral galaxy rotation-velocity anomaly maybe explained without the need of ‘dark matter’. Various other gravitational anomalies also appear to be explainable.
Newtonian gravity appears to be strictly valid only outside of spherically symmetric matter systems.
Key words: Process Physics, quantum foam, quantum
gravity, absolute motion, dark matter, stellar structure,
gravitational anomalies, general relativity, Newtonian gravity
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