car turning round a corner

by Koveras00
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Feb20-04, 10:10 PM
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May i know why does a car over turn outwards when turning round a corner at high speed???
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Feb20-04, 11:05 PM
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Newton's law. Things going in a straight line want to stay that way (inertia). When you go around a curve, the car's inertia is trying to keep it goint straight, i.e. going outward from the curved path, along a line tangent to the curve.
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Feb21-04, 11:20 AM
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It should also be added that the force deflecting the car from its straight line is the friction between the tires and the road surface. Because this force is applied at the very bottom of the car, well below the center of gravity, the property of inertia does not act symmetrically on the entire car. If the car were deflected from its straight line by a guard rail placed at such a height as to match the car's center of gravity, the car would experience no "roll" at all.

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Feb21-04, 12:56 PM
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car turning round a corner

Just in case you were thinking that a bicycle or motorcycle "tilts" inward when going around a curve- the rider intentionally tilts inward specifically to counteract the natural tendency (because, as LURCH said, the deflecting force occurs at the tires and so inertia causes the top to "roll" outward) to tilt outward. An automobile is much too large to intentionally tilt inward to counter that. That's why motorcycle and bicycle tires are round (so that you can ride "on the edges") but car tires are flat on the bottom.

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