Geometry Proofs.. Help!!

by ccseagle
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Jan3-07, 07:29 PM
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It's been so long since I took geometry...I forgot what it was like to do proofs!
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Jan3-07, 07:29 PM
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Thanks, I think with wut you helped me with I should be able to do good.. Thanks again..
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Jan3-07, 07:35 PM
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:).. Well they arent fun I can tell you that..
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Jan3-07, 07:36 PM
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Also, for future reference, the subject of these questions is not Differential Geometry. In future, it may be better if you posted this in the Precalculus Maths section in the Homework Forum.
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Jan3-07, 07:38 PM
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oh, :), I thought I did thanks..
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Oct25-08, 03:39 PM
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I'm not sure on a question. Could somone help me?
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Oct3-10, 07:29 PM
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Ok i need a little help on this Proof.
Given: <1 and <2 are right angles
H is the midpoint of segment FK; FK ll HJ

Prove:FG is congruent to HJ
I have half of it done but I'm stuck on it. HELP!!!!!!

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