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Jones Calculus Question

by Noone1982
Tags: calculus, jones
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Mar7-07, 05:41 PM
P: 83
Is it by convention that the jones column vectors are written like,

[1,i], [2,-i] etc etc, I never see [i,-2]

Is [i,-1] really left circularly polarized light, it seems so indicated below

[tex]\left[ \begin{array}{c} i \\ -1 \end{array} \right]\; =-i\; \left[ \begin{array}{c} ii \\ -1i \end{array} \right]\; =\; -i\left[ \begin{array}{c} i^{2} \\ -1 \end{array} \right]\; =\; -i\left[ \begin{array}{c} -1 \\ -1 \end{array} \right]\; =\; i\left[ \begin{array}{c} 1 \\ i \end{array} \right][/tex]
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