Optics - what image will I see if I stand in positions A,B,C (pics included)

by pizzadude
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Mar13-07, 01:57 AM
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Hi. I included a pic with the diagrams of a mirror problem. Blue line is the object, black is image. Now, to the problem. I know that if I stand at position A, I will see the object and the image because they're both in front of me. Also because there's a picture in the book (candle pic, included as well) with a point of view from position A that allows me to see both the object and the image. My question is, what will I see if I stand at position B, then at position C?

My guess is that I will see only the image if I stand at position B because the object is behind me. If I stand at position C, I guess I would see neither the object or the image because they're both behind me.
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