Teenage Suicide Bomber Sought Paradise and 72 Virgins

by Chen
Tags: bomber, paradise, sought, suicide, teenage, virgins
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Mar29-04, 04:33 PM
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What im worried about is the terrorist hunt getting out of hand. The last thing we need is a second McCarthy era or a Salem Witch Trial.

We should hunt terrorists but not go to the extent of destroying fundamental human rights to do so.
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Mar31-04, 12:53 AM
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Quote Quote by Adam
Logical to breed hate against terrorists, eh? Well, to say it is logical to breed hate against some group of people, or section of society, you need to first define the target. To me, a terrorist is any person or group who attacks civilian target for some political aim, whatever their excuse (such as religion, money, freedom, whatever). Even a vague association with the slimmest Beginner's Guide To History will show that just about every state on earth has done this at one point or another. If it is logical to breed hate against terrorists, then it is logical to breed hate against every nation, culture, religion, tribe, et cetera, since at some point every group has done it. So if everyone is hating everyone, all we get is more of the same. Seems a tad illogical to me.
LOL what a polite way of saying: The Professional, you're an a**h**e

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