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Good way to repel spiders anyone?

by moe darklight
Tags: repel, spiders
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moe darklight
May18-07, 06:33 AM
P: 411
aghhh I just killed a HUGE red spider in my basement. The roof in my basement is not done and it's filled with dark spots where they can hide... brrrr. god I hate spiders.

anyone know of a safe way to repel spiders? I have a cat so it can't be poison (especially since he tends to put bugs in his mouth... he never actually kills them though, just plays with them and lets them go part of his catch and release program I guess)

Like, I know pepper repels ants from entering your house... is there anything like that for spiders? like a smell the don't like or something?
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May18-07, 09:21 AM
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Try giving it a hug. They hate that.

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