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Electromagnetism Project

by lankan_ice_405
Tags: electromagnetism, project
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Jun4-07, 08:40 PM
P: 16
I need to make a project for my physics summative (gr 12); and Im leaning towards electromagnetism...
since my attempt in making a generator failed - and I paid a lot for the magnet and wires.

I was thinking of making
That... but then I'm wondering if it'll work with that design. Im confused on how we need to nail the can down to the wood, but then expect it to move back and forth between the magnets.

But that's sort of my last option, because something similar to that was done before.

Any other ideas? I want it to be good.

And if you have a suggestion, maybe some directions or advice on creating it?

Thanks in advance

(Please delete my other thread in homework questions)
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Jun5-07, 04:02 AM
P: n/a
Well do you fancy making a coil gun?

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