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Spinning bullet, why?

by Clausius2
Tags: bullet, spinning
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Jun8-12, 08:52 PM
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Also also, someone mentioned (a few years ago, *cough*) that the spin of the bullet has nothing to do with the damage caused on impact. Soft and hollow point rounds are designed to mushroom on impact, imparting more or all of their energy in a shorter distance. If this is coupled with a high enough spin rate the round may fragment as it deforms.
Bullet ballistic gelatin block videos.

50 BMG ballistic gelatin block video

Most of the damage is caused by the shock-wave from the deceleration of the bullet in the media. Long thin bullets (The .223 FMJ is a good example) tend to flip and break causing a massive cavity from a small but high speed bullet. I would always chose a M14 (.308) over a M16/M4 in most cases during a security watch because it has more stopping power at long range with much better ballistics (second shot on target) during bad weather conditions.

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