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Block on a toboggan

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Jul19-07, 11:05 PM
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I am confused about how to approach this question.

A 4.0 kg toboggan rests on a frictionless icy surface, and a 2.0 kg block rests on
top of the toboggan. The coefficient of static friction m
s between the block and the surface of the toboggan is 0.60, whereas the kinetic friction coefficient is 0.51. The block is pulled by a 30 N-horizontal force as shown. What are the magnitudes and directions of the resulting accelerations of the block and the toboggan?

If I calculate the acceleration of the box as so: Fpull- Ffriction = Fnet = ma
using the kinetic friction coefficient and solve for acceleration. Does that make sense.. and how then do I approach the acceleration of the toboggan?
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