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How is electron formed? Why does it travel?

by Skhandelwal
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Sep19-07, 02:36 PM
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So if it would be true, that would basically turn relativity upside down. Which means we would have to find a new theory that explains all those classically unexplainable effects which (special) relativity predicts in great detail.

But you should note the following. The relativity principle is often misquoted as "nothing can go faster than the speed of light". Actually, this is wrong; e.g. the phase velocity of a wave can exceed c
Yes, but group velocity too (anomalous refraction). What carries information is signal velocity, which is < c.

, and the EPR paradox is an even "worse" example - in that the transmission is instantaneous.
In EPR paradox superluminal action is just one of the interpretations, not a fact.

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